Sara LaughingHello darling YOU!

Welcome to the place I come to bare myself, my real whole self, to the world as I journey along skipping, falling, and getting back up. Writing is my creative outlet for processing and sharing the stories of my incredibly full life as a soulful being, playful mama, badass entrepreneur, passionate community change agent and social justice activist. I believe in the power of story and meaningful connections.

I see and feel the state of our world and I yearn to shake it up. I long for equity and a place where people are celebrated for WHO THEY ARE. So many of us our hiding in shame, guilt and exhaustion behind masks of ‘should’ and ‘supposed to’. I call bullshit on myself and the voices that say more is better, skinnier is better, bigger is better and that we all should be striving. This came out of my own burnout in 2013.

I’ve always thought of myself as a warrior for justice until I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It’s time to know. Being open and honest about my own white, educated privilege has been raw. Thankfully I believe that to live a whole-hearted life, I must be BRAVE and BOLD. It is a journey. Thank you for joining me.

I am learning to create courageous and real change as I live and teach it from my heart centered place. You are here for a reason. Here are some ideas of where to start:

  • Curl up on the couch with some coffee, a blanket and Sara’s blog
  • Looking for an entertaining, energetic and passionate speaker? Click here.
  • Ready to read Sara’s Guide for Change Agents? Request your free gift.

Or just browse around and let the magic happen. I’m honored you are here. I love you.

I believe in LOVE.

I’m in LOVE. I love to love. I’m in love with my precious family here and our extended family all over and especially in Puerto Vallarta. I’m in love with our real estate business and the family we’ve created in our company. I’m in love with Madison’s community, my mama friends, my Facebook friends, my Step Up family, the soccer village, our business community, our schools and the non-profits, our lakes and the dancing trees and the crossing guards I always wave at. I’m in love with strategy, creativity, negotiations and difficult conversations that lead to powerful reflections.

I challenge the definition of success and I promise to share that with you boldly. I dislike fluff. I love getting shit done but I’m more in love with being me. I am vs I do. I do not want to be defined by my productivity.

I believe in you. You inspire me. You teach me. You challenge me. I’m grateful for you and for me together. Thank you.


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