Triple Dog Dare Me!

Summer creates this charmed life feel for me. There is simply nothing like being barefoot. I notice that I’m being barefoot. I’m not just walking around barefoot, I’m being me…barefoot. It must be the connection to Earth. The freedom that gives me such joy to be barefoot. I sometimes feel claustrophobic when I wear shoes. Like my poor toes are suffering and can’t breathe. Same thing when I have nail polish on my fingernails.

I woke up at 6am and meditated for 15 minutes, quickly felt the earth and universe energy flow right through me and then was done. I had no desire to sit in meditation any longer. I also had a date scheduled at 7am with Johnny the Trainer. I didn’t have to think about whether I wanted to go to the gym or not, I had a date, I had to show up. I worked my ass off, laughed, stopped at the coffee shop and biked home while elegantly holding my full and hot cup of coffee. One guy laughed at me and wished me luck. I had no doubt I could pull it off and get home without spilling. For half an hour I sipped my coffee, hung out with the boys and walked them to the bus stop barefoot. I grabbed my sunglasses and smiled at my flip flops that were waiting for me by the front door and I left them behind. Leo actually held my hand as we walked and Alex was in stride on my right. I felt like the Queen of the World. I felt centered, happy, overflowing with gratitude. The sun was shining, my bare feet were giggling, and I had no where to rush to, nothing nagging at me. I felt totally peaced out and ridiculously happy.

So how can I intellectually look at my amazing life and still feel like I’m not in it 100%? There is something else. Like a clue that I’m searching for but really am not sure where to look. I try the self talks. I make the lists of all the amazing things I’m grateful for and yet I know in my heart that I’m not giving to my fullest. I’m not shining my brightest.

Triple Dog Dare Me. Daring me won’t cut it, I need a triple dog dare. Someone just dare me to be bolder, live brighter, go out on a limb and do it.

That gives me the powerful inspiration I didn’t even know I was longing for.

If I fail, then I know I tried. If I change my mind and quit, then I at least tried. I am clear enough with who I am and what feels right to know I won’t be anything but exactly who I am meant to be. Happy. Real. Bold. Bright. Loved. Loving.

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