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Doubting My Truth Telling and Doing It Anyway

I was at a fundraising event on Friday night and a woman that I hadn’t seen in quite some time hugged me and asked if everything was okay. I hadn’t talked to her about my life, really, ever. We aren’t friends. Well, we are Facebook

Behind the Scenes of Growing Pains

Two days ago I was hit with some news that is creating massive change in our business. I am a small business owner, so let’s be real here, change in my business, creates change in my LIFE. My business and my life are interconnected. It

Finding Freedom

I was burned out. The light within was flickering and dim. The mental and physical exhaustion from the daily grind of pushing, pushing, pushing through the responsibilities of being a business owner, keeping clients, agents and employees happy and raising two boys that were 7

The Gender Question…What if?

Many times masculine and feminine energy equate to male and female. And we fall into the gender biases of men and women/boys and girls. There is a minivan in front of me and I refer to the woman I assume is driving it. I see

The Power of Honoring the Old Story

Here is a little piece of my story. This is an old story. I have a new story now but this old story has a voice and she is sad and hurts and wants to be heard. “I work a lot. I’m always working, always

Practicing Self Confidence by Teaching It!

If I’m to focus on what lights me up then I am going to frame this photo. It doesn’t look all that exhilarating. It isn’t a photo of me jumping off a cliff. It is a photo of me teaching the class, Leading with Confidence,