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Speaking Spanish with Strangers

More thoughts around race and privilege. Here is what happened on Saturday… I was out and about with my husband and Leo, our 10 year old son, when we saw this beautiful young woman posing for a photographer. Under the hot sun she stood poised in

Finding Freedom

I was burned out. The light within was flickering and dim. The mental and physical exhaustion from the daily grind of pushing, pushing, pushing through the responsibilities of being a business owner, keeping clients, agents and employees happy and raising two boys that were 7

The Gender Question…What if?

Many times masculine and feminine energy equate to male and female. And we fall into the gender biases of men and women/boys and girls. There is a minivan in front of me and I refer to the woman I assume is driving it. I see

My Year Dancing with Racism

This all started with combination of events within a week in the fall of 2013. It all started from a place deep in my heart and over the past year it has fluidly moved from my heart to my head and then back into my

Sizing my Business to Expand my Life

Big is better, more is better. That is the message we hear, that is what we experience in this culture. Big buildings, big businesses, big houses, more money, more stuff. All of it makes you better, makes you happier and more successful. But it doesn’t.