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Real Talk on Thanksgiving

You have choices. You have time to make different choices too. I’m challenging you to examine how you and your family participate in Thanksgiving traditions and choose to do something different this year. I have been known to slide through the Thanksgiving holiday with the

Talking about race with my kids

My son was in 5th grade when I asked him which box I should check on a form that requested his race and ethnicity. He confidently said, “I’m Mexican.” I was prepared for that. Kind of. I was prepared enough to stay quiet and not

White Women Learning How To Apologize

I was motivated to write it out yesterday and I am sharing here with you all. I know I haven’t been blogging much. It’s hard to work on my book project and blog – all the words! But this was important to me because I’ve

Love, Grief, and Service – Mother’s Day 2017

Oh Mother’s Day. Here we go again. Over the past couple of years it has become undeniable that my relationship with you is not as sweet and simple as one would imagine. Our current status is, “it’s complicated.” For years, as I mothered my young

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Racial Representation Matters

We had a local election for a seat on the school board a couple of nights ago. Two women were running. Both were equally qualified. One was white and the other one was not. Guess who won? Students of color make up 57% of the

Walking White and Checking Myself

I was there. I walked with the crowds on Saturday at the Women’s March. I can’t say I marched, because my energy wasn’t a marching energy…I was walking, observing and wondering. I was there for my children more than anything. Kind of sounds lame, but