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Do Negative Messages Work?

I feel like I’m between two worlds of political savvy and some peaced out song about One Love. Yes, with incense too. There was a rally recently at Madison’s State Capitol to protest a couple of laws being proposed that are racist and anti-immigration in nature. My

Stepping into the Ring

I live in Madison, WI and right now there are a couple of anti-immigration bills being proposed. There is a rally scheduled for Thursday at our State Capitol. Of course I’m going. No question about it. And of course I want to voice my opinion

Speaking Spanish with Strangers

More thoughts around race and privilege. Here is what happened on Saturday… I was out and about with my husband and Leo, our 10 year old son, when we saw this beautiful young woman posing for a photographer. Under the hot sun she stood poised in

Finding Freedom

I was burned out. The light within was flickering and dim. The mental and physical exhaustion from the daily grind of pushing, pushing, pushing through the responsibilities of being a business owner, keeping clients, agents and employees happy and raising two boys that were 7