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Finding Inner Peace in my Battle with the School Lunch

Oh the school lunch. Not the lack of nutrition in the school lunch. Not the ridiculous waste and lack of recycle bins in the school lunchroom. Not the healthy food debate of school lunches that has created massive efforts and parent/school meetings over the past

Staying Sane – Raising Boys

Can you PLEASE explain to me how this works? I told Alex four times to put his dirty clothes in the laundry. I wasn’t asking him to do the laundry. We have a laundry chute in the bathroom which is right outside his bedroom. Putting

Finding Peace in the Hard Moments

We lost our nephew over the weekend to suicide. It is confusing and heartbreaking. He struggled with drugs and maybe depression. He was trying to get help. He had support around him. And now the family is joined to grieve together, cry together and make