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No Longer a Secret

A couple of weeks ago I was part of the planning team for an event called Ales to Alz. It is an annual Happy Hour event that raises money for the local Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin. It was HUGE. 250 people attended and

When Alzheimer’s Took the Wheel

It was last year at this time when the doctor told my mom that she wasn’t able to drive anymore. She was 68, vibrant and seemingly fine to many. It feels like forever ago, but I remember the small hospital room as our little family


Seeking Contentment. Mothering Teens.

The journey of contentment isn’t really a journey at all. A journey indicates there is somewhere to go. Contentment is being right where I am. Perhaps being on a journey gives me comfort. That means there is more to life than this right here…this life

And here comes Summertime, with a twist of Anxiety

All these years I’ve been keenly aware of my children’s anxiety during the transition from school to summer and again at the start of the school year. I tune in to support, nurture, and hold the space with love and patience. This year though, I

Choosing Love. Choosing Happiness.

There is no struggle for me today. For real. I don’t feel it. Sure, it’s always around the corner and I bump into it on a regular basis, but what is happening in my life now is free of struggle. What is happening in my