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Choosing Love. Choosing Happiness.

There is no struggle for me today. For real. I don’t feel it. Sure, it’s always around the corner and I bump into it on a regular basis, but what is happening in my life now is free of struggle. What is happening in my


This word, trigger, keeps spinning around me. It grabs at my heart, squeezes it…tightly…so hard. It feels like I can’t breathe. I gasp for some air, steady myself, move on with my day. Triggered. My brain grapples and spins with thoughts, words, and questions. I’m

To My Mamacita on Mother’s Day 2016

Mom, what I love most about you is your spirit and your heart and how you dance life with pure joy. You cared about me and have loved me so much, for all the years. More than anything, you wanted me to believe in myself

A love reminder from my 24 yr old self

I’m going to get a little naked and vulnerable here. Last week I wasn’t feeling myself. I was off and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I wanted to ‘figure out’ what was wrong and fix it. Typical Sara move. I wanted to feel

Shining Too Brightly

Beautiful bright light. People tell me I shine brightly. And yes, I feel bright and shiny…and sparkly too. I am also a recovering overachiever. Achieving and producing and making shit happen has been my comfort zone. The brighter I shine the better. Until I realized