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My Invisible Gigi

I believe in angels. I believe in magic and fairies and whispers in my ear from the Universe. I believe. Mainly I believe in good. There are times that I hear people talk about darkness and negative energy. I don’t believe in that. Actually that

How I conquered the Back to School Meltdown

Last night was a tough one. The kids are back in school this week. Leo is struggling. My little 8 year old is exhausted from all the new changes, the transitions, the unknown. It wasn’t like the meltdown was that different than any of the others

Getting out of my head and into my heart – again!

Trusting in the Universe. Trusting in the Universe. Trusting in the Universe.  If I keep saying that over and over again my heart will calm down, right? Because it is beating too fast. I must be a master manifester. I talk about an idea, a

Love Sprinkles with a Stamp

Have you heard of the 30 day challenge? It has come up in my world frequently lately so I have decided to listen to the Universe and make August my month to try something new for 30 days. Eric Plantenberg first introduced me to the

Coming to Terms with My Ambition

What is my deal with ambition? It is almost like I’m trying NOT to be ambitious. Like ambition is a bad thing. I might take this to the sexism category. Because of course if a guy is ambitious he is all that and if a