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My Anti Routine Kick Ass Exercise Revelation

I’ve kicked ass at this whole adding exercise to my life thing. Just putting that out there first so it is clear because when I talk about it, think about it, over fucking analyze it, I know it sounds like I’m in the process of

Get Curious, Get Connected

Wait, what? I’m one of those people that really likes to know. If I don’t know I ask. I don’t care if I look stupid for not knowing. Not now I don’t. I learned this from Kelly, my college roommate, who had a knack for

The Facebook Hug Works

Facebook and Sara have a love/hate relationship. I say it, my friends say it, I think most people feel that way. This week, with the tragedy of our nephew passing, facebook has been like a HUGE hug and waves of love every time I open

Triple Dog Dare Me!

Summer creates this charmed life feel for me. There is simply nothing like being barefoot. I notice that I’m being barefoot. I’m not just walking around barefoot, I’m being me…barefoot. It must be the connection to Earth. The freedom that gives me such joy to