Choosing Love. Choosing Happiness.


There is no struggle for me today. For real. I don’t feel it. Sure, it’s always around the corner and I bump into it on a regular basis, but what is happening in my life now is free of struggle.

What is happening in my life now is pure light, love and desire.

I’ve tapped into my own desires to show up as me, unapologetically, to be of service, of spirit and to illuminate love and light. 

I’ve decided to live in my truth on my terms. I have chosen to connect deeply with my inner wisdom, my loved ones, and with all people everywhere. With that decision, and because of my desires (even if a bit woo-woo), I have manifested and am able to create the life I’m living even with the blows, unexpected curveballs, and illnesses.

As someone who has always loved planning out my life, I am also someone that can crumple up that sheet of paper with all my goals written down and toss it in the garbage. My life is rarely the way I plan it to be. That could leave me feeling powerless, but because, at age 25, I experienced what it could be like to openly and lovingly live life with God’s nudges and surprises. I have courageously and boldly felt empowered to walk (and skip) on this journey in co-creation.

Experiencing the magic unfold as I allow what is meant to happen, happen, always shows me the ways I can live a meaningful, fulfilling, and pretty kickass life. The magic – I freaking love it. (click here for a bit of Casey magic & inspiration).

What has always been more important than what actually happens in my life, is how I handle it, how I react to it and how I choose to see the mystical and magical ways that life unfolds for me and not against me. (Thank you, Mom, for teaching me this.)

That is the place I want to be more than anything. And it is a daily choice to be there because struggle jumps out at me on this journey and sometimes holds me back. Absolutely. The worry, the doubt, the fear, and the insecurities are pretty loud and obnoxious up in my thoughts. And there she is, my heart, waving her hands at me…hello Sara, I’m here, please drop down and hang out with me for awhile. It’s going to be okay.

It is a deeper breath. Okay, let’s be real, it’s like 5 deep breaths before I can even feel the deepness of my breath.

It is a quiet morning with the candles lit, a notebook and the gentle reminders that this is all exactly the way it is meant to be and I can do this. I can be who I want to be in the middle of ‘this’. Whatever ‘this’ may be.

It is the clock grabbing my attention at 11:11 and later at 2:11 and then again at 8:11.

It is that solid knowing inside that this is okay, just as it is. This is happening for a reason and when I pause, I can see the light bouncing off the glitter.

The reminders are all around me, when I slow down and look for them. This is the gratitude that speaks to me today. Deep bow.

Beautiful things are happening. You feel that? Do you feel that smile spreading across your face? That inner glow in you trying to burst out? Rejoice in that if you can. Rejoice in knowing that you are free to choose love today. You are free to experience what is happening in whatever way you want.

That is powerful. You have that power. No one can take that away from you.
I know what I need to know to be who I want to be, for me, and in turn, for I’ll be who I need to be for those around me.

With sparkles and deep love, Sara

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