STEP UP: Equity Matters

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STEP UP: Equity Matters in the Workplace



One of my favorite accomplishments has been founding and collaborating with amazing humans to create the Step Up Movement. It began in 2014 when we committed to making changes to critical issues around workplace equity and social justice. I am no longer part of the leadership team but continue on as a co-founder and facilitator.



Co-Founders and Design Team: 
Sara Alvarado, Alvarado Real Estate Group
Amy Kesling, Sustain Dane
Tania Ibarra, Latino Professionals Association
Gregg Potter, Project Kinect
Carolina Bailey, Madison College


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17083468407_d4a7937f23_oThe STEP UP Pledge

I understand that my attitude and my perspective make my World what it is. I choose to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and empathy each and every day   and in each and every encounter. While I know it will not always be easy, I commit to the challenge. I commit to change. It is in this spirit that I agree to the following:

I pledge to be courageous in my honesty and my truth.

I pledge to participate with good intentions in this safe place where my community and I can grow and flourish.

I pledge to be open to new ways of seeing the world and of sharing the world with others.

I pledge to work towards curiosity and not in judgment.

I pledge to step up boldly and lead by example even when it feels uncomfortable.

I pledge to trust myself, my intentions and the goodness of others.

I pledge to build a beautiful and diverse culture inside myself and my community.

Sometimes our steps will be big and bold and other times they will be small and soft. Both kinds of steps take a brave heart, are necessary and important. In fact some of the smallest steps create the biggest impact on our growth.

I pledge to STEP UP today and every day for a better world.

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