Love Sprinkles with a Stamp

Love Sprinkles

Have you heard of the 30 day challenge? It has come up in my world frequently lately so I have decided to listen to the Universe and make August my month to try something new for 30 days.

Eric Plantenberg first introduced me to the idea. He blogged about his experience with a 30 day commitment to say only positive or neutral words. The deal is if you miss a day, or in Eric‘s case, if a negative word/comment slips out of your mouth, you start over at day 1. Eric hosted an Abundance Seminar last December (it was amazing!)and I made a note to try the 30 day challenge – 8 months later here I am!

Recently I noticed that Leo Babauta, writer of one of my favorite blogs Zen Habits, is also on a 30 day challenge. His is actually doing a year-long project called A Year of Living Without. Each month he eliminates something in an attempt to find out what’s truly necessary, of simplifying his life, of making room for other things. It isn’t the same as what Eric‘s challenge is but it grabbed my attention. Leo gave up coffee for the month of July and writes about how easy it ended up being (clearly he is one brave soul).

And then there is the 29 Day Giving Challenge. A Moxie Friend of mine recommended the book, in fact she raved about the book on several occasions and finally I read it. It shares the similar thread of trying something for a month. This challenge is about giving gifts to people everyday for 29 days. I noticed how quickly I was able to change my perspective of my definition of a ‘gift’ and realized there were so many opportunities in each day to simply connect and give my time or my energy in a positive, giving manner. Cami Walker‘s story is powerful and makes the book come to life and definitely inspires!

I thrive on challenges and am passionate about learning and growing (yes my bedside table looks like a mini library!). When I learn, I grow and when I grow I get out of my comfort zone in a big and beautiful way. I used to cringe and furrow my brow and resist but now when I’m faced with something that feels uncomfortable I can sense a new taste ofexcitement. I get to test out something and see what happens. I get to intention a positive outcome and see if it works. I GET TO! Not I have to. When I really start to sweat it, I always ask myself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” and when I go there I realize that I would lose more by not trying it out then I would by failing the attempt.

For the month of August I challenge myself to send a hand written note each day to someone I love, respect, care about. I will mix it up and send notes to my closest, dearest friends and familyand I will also go out on a limb and send notes to people I just met or that I feel a strong connection withbut don’t know very well. Every single day I will mail a note to someone. No emails. No agenda. Just giving for pure love. I will envision my card being opened and love sprinkling out onto the recipient. If I miss a day, I will start over on Day 1 again.

My first thought was wanting to know what the result will be. My brain quickly went to the place of, what will I get for doing this? What is the benefit to me? And that is exactly the thinking I’m trying to change. I don’t need to get anything out of it. The purpose of this is to give. To practice giving from my heart. Keep it pure and simple and sprinkle love!

Want to join me on the adventure? It’ll be fun!

2 thoughts on “Love Sprinkles with a Stamp”

  1. eric says:

    i LOVE your challenge Sara! Thanks for the great idea 🙂

  2. Deborah Wunnicke says:

    Your site is so beautiful and clear, Sara.
    I’m In!
    It lit me up when you told me and now I too will be sprinkling love!!

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