My Anti Routine Kick Ass Exercise Revelation

Mamacita and Sara

My Mom and I at a Zumba Class on Mother’s Day

I’ve kicked ass at this whole adding exercise to my life thing. Just putting that out there first so it is clear because when I talk about it, think about it, over fucking analyze it, I know it sounds like I’m in the process of kicking ass at itbut the reality is that I’ve already kicked ass at it. I did it. I made the change. I said, “Let’s change our lifestyle so we are one of ‘those people’ that exercise regularly, that start to get antsy if we haven’t sweat in a couple of days, that eat super well and are strong and healthy.” And yes, in that process I’ve lost 20 lbs and gone from size 8/10 to 4/6. So we can say mission accomplished. It’s been one year this week that Carlos and I signed up at Anytime Fitness and said let’s do this.

Yet the funny thing is living healthy is a lifelong process and you can’t just do it and then check it off the to do list. Before it was a matter of making it a habit. Now that it is a habit I struggle with what kind of habit it is. Carlos is a routine kind of a guy. He goes to the gym every other day and does his thing. That works for him. I am soooooooo not that kind of a person. Boring. Bored. Blah. That’s what going to the gym every other day feels like to me. If I’m meeting the cute trainer Johnny there it isn’t so boring. He pushes me beyond my comfort zone. I have to meet him at certain time, I can’t flake or change my mind. I just don’t like paying that much money to make that model work for me. And the reality is I would get bored with that too. I like variety. I like people. I like to have fun. For the past year of reprogramming my life to include having a killer body I have played with kickboxing, soccer, running, biking, more yoga, yoga fitness, boot camps, mud runs, body pump, weight lifting, cross fit training and insanity workouts. I haven’t found a routine plan that I like. And the secret to my happiness is that I realized that I’m not going to ever, not ever, ever, ever find an exercise schedule that I like. Because if it isn’t changing, I won’t like it.

Next week it’s Kosama. And I’m going to kick ass at that too.


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