Shining Brightly in my Comfort Zone

Bring on the challenge. Tell me you don’t think I can do something because that will motivate me to prove you wrong. It isn’t just about proving you wrong. I genuinely love a good challenge. I like to push my limits to see what I’m capable of. I am not afraid of falling down. In fact if I don’t fall down enough that means I’m not stepping into my full potential. Sometimes I search out challenges and sometimes they crawl right into my lap and snuggle up with me. I thrive on getting comfy with the challenges in my life.

Get out of your comfort zone is something I say all too often. But whatever…it has worked so I’ll keep saying it, living it and encouraging others to move beyond that place. If a lot of time goes by and you haven’t heard your heart beat loudly or felt your palms sweat you know you are there…hanging out in your comfort zone.

The last time I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone was last week. I spoke for 40 minutes in front of a group of fifty people for an early morning business breakfast meeting. This was new for me and totally out of my comfort zone. Right before the event I was talking to a group of women and I admitted that my stomach was in knots and I hadn’t slept the night before. Someone said, “Don’t be nervous, you’ll be great.”

I appreciated the warm fuzzies but I also appreciate the opportunity to be nervous. I appreciate watching how it feels and choosing how to handle it. I appreciate sharing my experience of nervousness with my kids. Adults get nervous too. It’s a vulnerable place.

Another woman in the group was astonished that I was nervous. She said, “I don’t see you as the kind of person that would get nervous public speaking.”

Oh thank you for giving me the opportunity to squash that silly notion. Of course I get nervous. Everyone gets nervous. We simply are used to comparing our insides with everyone else’s outsides.

So yes I’m that person that loves a good challenge and throwing myself outside of my comfort zone (or out of an airplane at 10,000 feet).

I also love shining brightly right in the middle of my comfort zone. I’m surrounded by teddy bears, warm tea and my feet are tucked into fuzzy slippers. I stick my tongue out at that quote that says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I’ve been in real estate for over 12 years now. I can effortlessly explain buyer agency, procuring cause and quickly assess the pros and cons of an offer to purchase. Marketing plans, exit strategies, and handling compliance questions don’t get me sweaty or nervous at all. I don’t shy away, my voice doesn’t shake. It flows easily. It is comfortable. And I LOVE IT!

I love when one of our agents calls and within minutes there is clarity and confidence in their voice as they work through the issue with me. I love knowing the answers and I love knowing how to step back when I’m not sure of the answer because they are actually multiple answers. I love connecting with clients and watching as they relax into a place of understanding instead of that fearful place of the unknown. I love making something that seems complicated easy peasy lemon squeezy. Because it can be.


i love my comfort zone

Not only because it feels good but because I can witness growth in it too. The memories are vivid from not long ago when my palms would sweat in tough negotiations; when I could hear my heart beating loudly as I was faced with a complicated offer or an angry agent. I remember sleepless nights and the constant worry that a client wasn’t happy with my services. That warm place where I trust everything will be okay was not where I hung out most evenings.

Persistence. I kept chugging and today I am most comfortable in all of the places that stressed the shit out of me way back when.

Once upon a time I went on an interview for a listing. I prepared and prepared and picked out a special outfit. I was nervous. I was unsure about my presentation and I didn’t have much experience to hold me up for the tough questions. They didn’t hire me. I fretted for days about it and relived all the wrong things I said.

That memory is held tightly in my heart (and there are hundreds just like that one). I don’t hold it there because I like to beat myself up for failing. It wasn’t a failure. I hold it there as a reminder.

Showing up is what moves me where I desire to go.
I showed up, I tried and I learned. Today when I meet with potential real estate clients I’m not nervous. But when I stand up in front of a large group to speak or teach I can hear my heart beating. My palms are sweaty and I’m hell of nervous. Sometimes when I push the publish button after I write a blog post I freak out and need to call a friend to help me chill out. When I signed up for my first aerial dance class and six weeks later attempted an upside down splits on a flying trapeze I was nervous, my arms shook and I started spinning too fast. I called out for help. I took a break and then I tried again.

As long as it lights me up, I’m going to keep showing up.

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