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40, 40, 40…oh how I love you!

Reflecting, reflecting, reflecting. That’s my game. And since it’s my birthday (yay me!) it is only natural for me to reflect on this turning 40 thing. I reflect on what has come of my life. I ponder where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.

Thankful Blahs No More! Shake it up!

Gratitude is one of my favorite things. It is my go to when I’m not feeling the groove and I have fun practicing gratitude daily. But it annoys me on Thanksgiving. Perhaps because Thanksgiving has a Hallmark holiday tone to it I get slightly irritated

Make an Intention and Take a Bath

It is the Intention Bath. I haven’t taken one yet but this healing Shaman woman just advised me to take one. (For complete accuracy she told me to make an intention and take a fucking bath. An epsom salt bath.) Apparently I’ve got some healing