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Shining Too Brightly

Beautiful bright light. People tell me I shine brightly. And yes, I feel bright and shiny…and sparkly too. I am also a recovering overachiever. Achieving and producing and making shit happen has been my comfort zone. The brighter I shine the better. Until I realized

Hello Fear

As I’ve followed the call to show up as me and cease pretending to be who I’m ‘supposed’ to be, I celebrate the freedom that I feel. I gush about how wonderful it has been on this journey of SARAness to strip away the veils

I Prefer to Feel Good

Sometimes when I’m super busy I remember that there are people that are way busier than I am. And I don’t feel as busy. Sometimes when I’m hungry I remember that there are people way hungrier than I am. And I don’t feel so hungry.

Some Nights Suck

It isn’t all that graceful. It isn’t easy at all. Except that sometimes it is. I’m back and forth about this and since I’m committed to sharing the complexity of my existence I’m going to share this too… I don’t think it has been that