To My Mamacita on Mother’s Day 2016

Mom, what I love most about you is your spirit and your heart and how you dance life with pure dancing with joy

You cared about me and have loved me so much, for all the years.

More than anything, you wanted me to believe in myself the way you believed in me.

You taught me confidence.
You taught me that I could teach myself to be who I wanted to be. You taught me that I could change when I was ready to change and that I didn’t have to be stuck with any label or in a boring box.

You taught me to listen to my inner whisper and to trust myself.
You trusted my journey when you probably would have preferred to wrap me up in bubble wrap to keep me safe. That must have been incredibly challenging. I’m so grateful.

You taught me unconditional love.
You taught me that it’s okay not to be perfect, that imperfection is pretty spectacular.

You prefer joy to fret. I love that about you and wanted it for myself. Gracias, Mama.

You believe in the magical, mystical ways of the Universe.
When I forget, you are always there to remind me. It isn’t about me. Something bigger is happening. The Universe is conspiring FOR me, not against me. Allow whatever is meant to happen, to happen.
Trust. Believe. Love the journey. 

You see God in everything. You see beauty first. You see and feel LOVE in everyone and everything. Thank you for sharing that with me. You whispered it in my ear, I listened, and I’m forever grateful.

I don’t know how or when you became an Earth Angel. I just know you are one.
You are in this world but you are not of this world. You are unique in so many ways.
You are special to me in all the ways.

Thank you for always encouraging me to be the beautiful spirit I am.
Thank you for cheering me on and always believing in me like no one else.

Thank you for being my Mom.
Love, Sara on Mother’s Day 2016

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