I Quit

I love to quit. I get the whole thing about successful people fail more and you can’t succeed until you fail. But my new thing is quitting. I believe that successful people know how to quit. A couple of years ago we got into short

Get Curious, Get Connected

Wait, what? I’m one of those people that really likes to know. If I don’t know I ask. I don’t care if I look stupid for not knowing. Not now I don’t. I learned this from Kelly, my college roommate, who had a knack for

The Facebook Hug Works

Facebook and Sara have a love/hate relationship. I say it, my friends say it, I think most people feel that way. This week, with the tragedy of our nephew passing, facebook has been like a HUGE hug and waves of love every time I open

Staying Sane – Raising Boys

Can you PLEASE explain to me how this works? I told Alex four times to put his dirty clothes in the laundry. I wasn’t asking him to do the laundry. We have a laundry chute in the bathroom which is right outside his bedroom. Putting

Finding Peace in the Hard Moments

We lost our nephew over the weekend to suicide. It is confusing and heartbreaking. He struggled with drugs and maybe depression. He was trying to get help. He had support around him. And now the family is joined to grieve together, cry together and make