Sara Alvarado speaking to audience in Madison, Wisconsin

Guided conversations (that will get messy!) leading us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world we live in, and how we can be and do better.

Welcome to the place where we get messy together on our way to doing and being better for a more just world. If you are drawn to doing the work, you are in the right place. I can’t promise it will be easy, but that’s okay…we do hard things.

Learning and exploring with others in community can be a helpful way to engage and grow. It isn’t the whole shebang. It’s a start. We also have to walk the talk. But the path to liberation for all starts with the foundational work of unlearning, examining, and relearning.

Many of us weren’t raised to have open discussions around privilege, race, religion, loving ourselves, pleasure, boundaries, and so much more. We learned that if we couldn’t say something nice (read: perfectly articulated positions), then we shouldn’t say anything at all. Yeah, that’s not working out so well. 

Get Messy, Get Better sessions are structured yet flexible conversations. I ask you to show up as you are, with integrity, compassion, and a desire to be better. I acknowledge that you are already perfect, just the way you are. We are divine beings living human experiences. 

You may struggle with feeling like you aren’t good enough, you don’t know enough, you don’t want to hurt anyone…we all share those struggles. Bring it. Let’s get better together.

An Accountability Place for White Women – Three Month Program

An Accountability & Coaching Place for

White Women Doing the Work

When you look around at where you are in life right now, can you acknowledge that, yep, you’ve been doing the work for a minute now? You’ve had many shocking moments of awareness (and then realized how embarrassing it felt to be shocked). You’ve soaked up knowledge. You’ve engaged in countless conversations with white friends and friends of color about racism, whiteness, the systems that you perpetuate, and are trying to dismantle, the historical context of racism and so much more. Not only do you know, but you’ve experienced the truth behind the saying, “The more you know, the less you know.” 

From awareness to analysis, to action and accountability, you keep moving through it all, sometimes slowly, sometimes with a bolt of lightning. You feel a desire for justice in your bones. You come to the work with humility. You are open to being challenged. And maybe, perhaps, you’ve noticed a lack of accountability in your life. 

If you are shaking your head yes, please join us in the Accountability Place! It’s a three-month membership with limited spaces available.

  • Learn about accountability with a justice lens and be held accountable
  • Practice holding each other accountable
  • Share resources, ask for help, help others
  • Group coaching call with Sara Alvarado weekly, via zoom
  • Group coaching call with Ananda Mirilli 1x/month, via zoom
  • Make connections, support one another in the work
  • Celebrate the triumphs and hold space for the struggles

All applicants will go through an application/assessment process because this is space for women who have been doing the work at a deep level.

The private facebook group will be closed to group members only.

*Ananda Mirilli is a Racial Justice Coach who has a gift of supporting white women on their racial justice journey, among many other things! She brings extensive knowledge, education, experience, and a ridiculously beautiful heart to the work with her clients. Click here to read more about Ananda.

Are you interested in joining the next group? Email me to be the first to know when doors open,