Courageous conversations lead to courageous actions.

Talking About Race with Your Teenager – Free Email Series

You’ll receive an email from me every 10 days that includes a conversation topic, 10-20 minutes of prep work related to the topic, and guided conversation questions for you to use with your teenager. These are the important conversations that our teens want more of (well, sometimes!). 

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Talking About Race: 7 Guided Conversations – PDF

Click here for the full pdf version of all the seven conversation starters, guided questions and the resources to go with it! Courageous conversations lead to courageous actions!

Get Messy: a Workbook for Better Conversations – PDF

This free downloadable workbook will help you become more aware of your own communication style and prepare you to feel more confident in having challenging conversations about race, gender, religion, or any topic that can be emotionally charged.

Guide for Change Agents – PDF

Your impact on the world doesn’t have to fit into a perfect little box. This practical guide will help you, as a change agent, to honor the fire that is within you without burning out or spreading too many fires in too many directions.   

When you’re ready, let’s tackle the difficult conversations about race, whiteness, and social justice, while learning to lead with love and radical hope.

STEP UP: Equity Matters in the Workplace

One of my favorite accomplishments has been founding and collaborating with amazing humans to create the Step Up Movement.

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