Racial justice and the real estate industry…
we can do better.

After growing up in a real estate family, becoming a REALTOR in 2002, opening my own brokerage in 2008, and then growing and leading a strong high-performing team for 10 years, I started to see that my values of social/racial justice and equality for all people were rubbing up against my real estate brokerage model in a way I was uncomfortable about. With the help of some brilliant and committed teachers, I was challenged to take an honest look at the ways in which the real estate industry has systemically denied access and opportunity to certain groups of people. This desire and passion led me to step away from the role of head of operations in our company, Alvarado Real Estate Group, and commit myself full time to co-leading an experimental restructuring of the company — as well as offering what I’ve learned with you in a variety of ways. 

Speaking: as an experienced public, motivational speaker, you can hire me to speak to your association, brokerage, team, or any group of real estate and banking professionals [click here].

Small group work: 8 week online course offered to explore and learn how to be/do better at this important intersection of racial justice and real estate. 8 participants max [click here]. 

Workshops: 2-4 hour interactive, larger group sessions for real estate/banking professionals to dive deeper into content and learning [click here].  

Spot coaching/consulting: Occasional openings for one on one direct guidance with individuals, organizations, or brokerages. Email me to check availability. 

Real Estate and Racial Justice are intricately connected and that means we have a real opportunity to: 

  • Understand and learn to reframe biases that currently impact how we interact with our clients, colleagues, and the world.
  • Explore ways to grow your business with diversity and inclusion as a crucial framework.
  • Learn the historical context and how it relates to modern-day redlining, missed opportunities, and barriers we aren’t taught to see.
  • Gain confidence and discover where we can have real impact for greater change in our communities and in the real estate industry. 
  • Build racial resiliency.
  • Change how we engage in communities in regards to housing, access, education and where and how money is invested.

The work is invigorating and inspiring, yet also challenging and complex. I provide new information we aren’t taught in fair housing courses, space for critical thinking, reflection, and facilitation that creates awareness and inspires change. 

Reach out to schedule a discovery call with me for more information on how to work with me.  

“Sara’s values, ideas, real life experiences and incredible passion to improve the impact of real estate agents and the real estate industry on behalf of ALL people – particularly those most marginalized – is unquestioned. We need leadership to guide us through change, to conduct the tough and courageous conversations that will lead us to be better. Sara is one of those leaders.”
~Kevin King, Former Executive Vice President of the Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin and Wisconsin Realtors Association (1988-2019)