For white women doing whiteness work

Sara Alvarado, Keynote Speaker in Madison, Wisconsin

Welcome to the place where we get messy together on our way to doing and being better for a more just world. 

The Get Messy, Get Better: For White Women Doing Whiteness Work session is an opportunity for white women leaders to do their work to do better and be better. It’ll get messy. Talking about race and privilege can feel daunting.

You do hard things.
I know you do!
You want a better world.
I know you do!

I do too. This is part of the process.

It isn’t the whole shabang. This is a start. This is foundational work of unraveling the feminine conditioning so we can learn to see how systems of oppression are working in ways we aren’t supposed to see. We don’t know what we don’t know until we know. This is the time to know. 

We want to be part of the change, but we feel stuck. How do we be better? We have to get messy to get better. Messy conversations, messy mistakes, messy thinking, messy next steps. It’s okay, I’ve got you. 

Get Messy, Get Better is a guided conversation and deep exploration for white women doing their whiteness work.

Sara Alvarado speaking about racial justice in Madison, Wisconsin

Doing the work is messy. That’s the reality. With our feminine conditioning, many of us were raised to look good, stay quiet, and not to get dirty. It’s why we struggle with perfectionism.

Don’t say the wrong thing.
Wear the right thing.
Look good.
Sound good.
Do good.
Be a good girl.

There is an expectation for perfection and a reminder that we, as women, are powerless in many ways. 

We are fighting those stories every day and we also understand that as white women, we have white privilege and that privilege gives us unearned power. We weren’t told this. Most of us have been ignorant to it much of our lives. Yet here we are, wanting to be better and do better and mostly we feel frozen because we don’t want to say the wrong thing or hurt anyone. We know what it’s like to be hurt and the thought that we are unknowingly hurting people who aren’t white is upsetting to us. Understandably so. 

So how do we navigate it? We get messy. To get better, we have to get messy. This is about doing and being better because we have a longing and a deep desire for justice. 

In these facilitated conversations we dive into whiteness culture, acknowledge our blindspots, unpack/unlearn, and practice new ways of learning and growth with a foundation of love and humanity.

Join me for a messy 10 week journey of intimate conversations in a small group setting. We will examine ourselves and the systems we are a part of with radical honesty, compassion, and courage with others who share the deep desire to be better and do better for a more just world. We do this without shaming and without coddling. 

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