I’m Sara. I am an author, speaker, and a fierce advocate for racial justice in real estate. If you are interested in exploring tough questions, seeking deeper meaning, and tapping into pleasure while doing the hard work – we are friends already! I’m here for the messy conversations, inspiring (and fun) action, and a love for humanity! It’s okay if you don’t know where to start. I’ve got you. I believe that the way to tackle difficult issues is to show up as your real, raw, bold, vulnerable self, and always be ready for fun.

Sara’s debut memoir, Dreaming In Spanish: An Unexpected Love Story in Puerto Vallarta, is now available!

A boldly honest, unconventional love story that confronts substance abuse, sexual trauma, cultural differences, white privilege, and belonging while also revealing the power of love, surrender, and trusting oneself.

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As a high energy keynote speaker, Sara captivates and inspires audiences with real life stories, vulnerability, and passion.

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