Sara Alvarado gives us complexity, fullness, and an invitation to be whole. -Sagashus Levingston, PhD, author of Infamous Mothers and Covet: the Disrespectful Health and Wellness Journal

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Behind the Scenes: Why White People are Exhausted from Anti-Racism Work,
*I am a white woman and my reflections are from a white perspective directed to fellow white folks.

Understanding long history of displacement, exclusion, and segregation is critical to embarking on the path forward for Black homeownership and building wealth, Madison365

People over property: One real estate company’s perspective, Madison365
People over property – that may seem like a bold statement from a real estate company, but it shouldn’t be.

Talking About Race with my Kids, HuffPost
My son was in 5th grade when I asked him which box I should check on a form that requested his race and ethnicity. He confidently said, “I’m Mexican.”

White Women Learning How to Apologize, HuffPost
You messed up. It happens. We are imperfect humans and we make mistakes. 

When Alzheimer’s Took the WheelBlog Post
It was last year at this time when the doctor told my mom that she wasn’t able to drive anymore. She was 68, vibrant and seemingly fine to many.

100 questions for white people on Juneteenth, Madison365
When Ali Muldrow said that she was celebrating Juneteenth this year with 100 acts of Black freedom, she asked the White folks in her life to celebrate with 100 acts of truth and reconciliation. 

Please Stop Asking My Son What Sports He Plays, Huff Post
After a sweet exchange with the cashier, he turned, his kind eyes zeroed in on my son and he asked him, “What’s your favorite sport?”It is so freaking common. Please stop.

#TalkToMe: My Son Asks About Our Mixed Family, Huff Post
I showed him the suggested questions. He scraped them all and decided to ask me questions about what it was like raising him in two different cultures and being in an interracial marriage.

The Gender Question… What If?, Huff Post
There is a minivan in front of me and I refer to the woman I assume is driving it. I see a big pickup truck and I picture a man driving it. When I pass by and I see I was wrong, I realize, again, how deep the biases are. 

Speaking Spanish With Strangers, Huff Post
More thoughts around race and privilege. Here is what happened on Saturday…I was out and about with my husband and our 10-year-old son, when we saw this beautiful young woman posing for a photographer.

A War of Yard Signs, Madison365
A neighbor has a sign in their yard: “Black Lives Matter.” Another neighbor on a different street has one that says, “We Support our Madison Police.” This is the ugly, divisive and deadly fight in our community right now.

My Mom Called Me an Alcoholic and the Label Stuck, Blog Post
Labeling. It sounds like something that is just bad. It has a negative connotation. Slap a label on something and call it a day. 

Talking About Good Schools and Good Neighborhoods, Presentation at the Iowa City Public Library

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