As you work through resources and find ones to dig into please remember the importance of engaging in conversation and reviewing what you’ve taken in, unlearned, realized you never learned, heard in a new way, or were able to see in a different way. Part of the process is unpacking your stuff with someone you trust, someone that won’t coddle you, and someone that is willing to go on the journey with you, or support you as you navigate it. 

Consider a:

  • Friend
  • Family member 
  • Therapist
  • Racial Justice Coach
  • Classmate from a racial justice course
  • Yourself…don’t forget to journal and meditate deeply on what you are learning 

Also, keep in mind this excercise to ground you and help you navigate the slipperly slope of moving from awareness to action without analysis.



To Watch

Course work/Programs/Organizations


I didn’t link them because you all are super resourceful!

  • An African American and Latinx History of the United States, by Paul Ortiz
  • Stamped from the Beginning, Ibram X. Kendi 
  • An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
  • Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson
  • Between the World and me, Ta-Nehisi Coates 
  • Waking Up White, Debby Irving 
  • White Like Me, Tim Wise 
  • When They Call You A Terrorist, by Patrisse Khan-Cullors & Asha Bandele
  • I’m Still Here, by Austin Channing Brown
  • The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander
  • The Fire Next Time, by James Baldwin
  • The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein
  • Sister Outsider, Audre Lourde (anything by her)
  • All About Love, bell hooks (also anything written by her)
  • Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, Beverly Daniel Tatum
  • This thread, too


More articles compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020.

Other helpful lists with more resources