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Happy and Heartaching Holidays to You, Sweet Humans

I marvel at the twinkling lights. It helps me forget how dark it is. It’s only 5pm and it’s pitch black outside. But shhhhh, don’t talk about that, it’s negative. Let’s be positive and focus on the bright lights and the happy times. Happy times

The Sisterhood Journey

The anxiety was something fierce as I walked into my high school cafeteria. I was new to this private school. I was an outsider, transferred from the nearby public school and I didn’t fit in. Perhaps my short jean skirt with my red cowboy boots

Parenting Truths

Pretending really doesn’t work for me. Overall I am all about happy and I love having fun. Yet lately it felt like I was walking in yukky mud. I wondered if perhaps it was simply the ebb to the fabulous flow and that sounded good.

Hello Fear

As I’ve followed the call to show up as me and cease pretending to be who I’m ‘supposed’ to be, I celebrate the freedom that I feel. I gush about how wonderful it has been on this journey of SARAness to strip away the veils

Speaking Spanish with Strangers

More thoughts around race and privilege. Here is what happened on Saturday… I was out and about with my husband and Leo, our 10 year old son, when we saw this beautiful young woman posing for a photographer. Under the hot sun she stood poised in

Letter to my Divine Father

For many years, maybe my whole life, I’ve had an intimate relationship and my Divine Mother. The mystical, magical, nurturing, life creating Divine Mother has shown up for me in Santa Maria de Guadalupe, the Mists of Avalon, the Women Who Run with the Wolves,