Seeking Contentment. Mothering Teens.

5 thoughts on “Seeking Contentment. Mothering Teens.”

  1. Sheri Jensen White says:

    Sara, I love your writing style! I always find your posts so intimately relatable and so eloquently stated that they make me laugh, cry and reflect on my own journey. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your gifts with the world!

    1. says:

      This means a lot Sheri and I’m happy to know it resonates! Thank you for taking the time to give me the boost to keep putting it out there.

  2. Linda woodford says:

    You are amazing! I love you, your energy, your mind, your perspectives! Your are absolutely allowed to own your grief! I am still grieving for the fact that I couldn’t tell my Mom about my breast cancer. She was frail and we didn’t want to worry her…..but I still really needed my Mom and her hugs and her closeness! We all grow up, there will be new happinesses to come and I know you will embrace them with fervor! Come for a hug and a cuddle anytime you need one!

    1. says:

      Thank you Linda! You are an angel in our life and I’m always grateful for you and your family!

  3. Alisha says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sara. I appreciate the slivers of your life that you’re sharing with us here! Xoxo

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