Letter to my Divine Father

For many years, maybe my whole life, I’ve had an intimate relationship and my Divine Mother. The mystical, magical, nurturing, life creating Divine Mother has shown up for me in Santa Maria de Guadalupe, the Mists of Avalon, the Women Who Run with the Wolves, the Sacred Sisters, Mother Earth and so on. I’ve had an open love and appreciation for my Divine Mother within.

My Divine Father, not so much. I’ve never connected with Jesus intimately or the quiet monks that I imagine are irritated by my urge to do cartwheels instead of sitting still in meditation. If I’m honest about it, I’ve probably been intimidated by the presence of my Divine Father in my life. Yet my relationship with him has played a big role in allowing me to be who I am and it is emerging beautifully and more openly as I journey on my spiritual path. For that I’m grateful.

Today I’m inspired to wade a little deeper into this new understanding and allow the power of my Divine Father to reveal itself with courage and conviction. And so it is.

Dear Divine Father,
I love you, I appreciate you and I honor you today on Father’s Day.

Thank you for pushing me when you knew I wanted to give up. Thank you for having faith in me and always believing that I can do whatever I want and be whoever I choose to be. Thank you for teaching me to have a fun relationship with competition and that it isn’t about beating others, but about being the best me.

Thank you for teaching me about numbers; for showing me the power of a spreadsheet, a calculator, and for keeping it simple. You taught me to know how much I make and how much I spend and to make sure I don’t spend more than I make and to SAVE. You showed me that I am smart with money. Thank you.

Thank you for the lessons on abundance and the magical flow of money. Money comes and it goes and it flows in abundance. Thank you for giving me the insight to believe that I am a money machine. And to show me with gentle reminders that money isn’t the most important thing. In fact it means nothing without love, family, health and faith.

Thank you Divine Father for your quiet, loving and compassionate way of sitting with me and stroking my hair as I crumble in pain and sorrow. Thank you for showing me strength and for teaching me the power of my own strength. You always reach out your hand for me when I am ready to stand up and you cheer me on as I reluctantly and then powerfully take the next steps and face my fears.

Thank you for bringing me out in the nature and for teaching me about the forests, the mountains, the oceans and the ponds. Thank you for teaching me to respect our Earth. And I appreciate that you believe I am tough enough to handle a scary bug and a dead fish. I also appreciate your laughter when I scream and run away.

Thank you for not judging me and for trusting in me and my highest good.

Thank you for making me work dirty jobs and handle difficult projects that I thought were too challenging or too yukky. You showed me that I can believe in me too and that nothing is beyond my capability. Thank you for also teaching me to be resourceful and for helping me learn how to ask for help, accept help and to know when to hire help and how to pay fairly. You helped me see that me getting the best deal isn’t always the best for all those concerned. Money flows. Abundance is all around.

Thank you for your compassion and for teaching me to help those in need. Always.

You believe in me. You love me. And because of that Divine Father, I believe in me and I love me. Thank you for that.

I appreciate you in my life. I honor the Father in me and all around me. I love you Divine Father.
Happy Father’s Day.

And a HUGE Happy Father’s Day shout out to all the physical Dads on the Earth doing the daily grind of raising their babies and being awesome!

Con amor, Sara

2 thoughts on “Letter to my Divine Father”

  1. Barbara says:

    Beautifully stated Sara! Wonderful post! Love how you share your appreciation for financial wisdom! Many individuals are intimidated about money issues and don’t want to take the time and effort to learn until it’s forced upon them, but by then it’s sometimes too late.

    1. sara@thealvaradogroup.com says:

      I know Barbara! At first as I listened to that conversation in my heart about masculine energy and money I wondered why it was such strong a message and if there was also room for that message through feminine energy but I didn’t go there…I would love to learn about your experience more. Getting comfortable about money and finances has been a powerful experience for me as a business owner and I am so grateful for it.

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